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Роман Коптев
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  • Moscow, Россия
О себе

I leave the stackoverflow services because they became just a politically opinionated platform and they are more unworthy to be invested in. Very disappointed with the community.

Just like my father, I believe that time is given to us for our trial, and there is no time for God. All our actions do not disappear anywhere. We are born and die in time. But everyone is alive with God. For God, we just are. There will be no time, and we will see our actions as they really are. People think that they will somehow act meanly and deceitfully and achieve their goals, that no one will notice anything and they will live well. In fact, they've already lost everything at this point.

There are people who think that if they shout that someone is destroying other people, then the reality will become like this. In fact, these people themselves want to destroy other people. Those who they destroy are really themselves. Russians cannot be destroyed, even if they are killed. There are things that cannot be proved or disproved, they are believed in. I believe that we always exist and answer to God.

I have worked for large international foreign companies for many years. After everyone tries to deny me for being Russian, I just invest my strength in something more worthy.

Everyone makes their own choice and everyone will answer for it. But there is no punishment. There is just a logical consequence of our own choice.

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