In the help center, the page ru.so.com/help/account is completely empty.

Is this because of the sites combining or is it a mistake?

Страница Справка / Моя учётная запись совершенно пустая.

Это из-за объединения сайтов или это ошибка?

  • We haven't translated all the help center yet. We are working on it, mods and account sections on the way. – Nicolas Chabanovsky 3 апр '15 в 15:47
  • Okay then :) I know of a few russian speakers who may like to help - is any needed or is it covered at the moment? – Tim 3 апр '15 в 15:50
  • 1
    We do all translation on the "old Meta". If somebody wants to join it's okay. Just add a topic which you wanna to translate as a question first in order to avoid intersections. – Nicolas Chabanovsky 3 апр '15 в 16:04
  • @VenZell Thanks for all the edits across my posts! – Tim 3 апр '15 в 20:36

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